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2024 Adult Summer Reading

About Summer Reading

summer reading

Welcome to the 2024 Adult Summer Reading Program!

Our theme this summer: Read, Renew, Repeat. Summer reading begins on May 25th and ends on August 2nd.This gives everyone 70 days of exciting summer adventures filled with reading and activities.

Participation is easy—just follow these steps:

  1. Download the Beanstack app on your phone to get started. If you already have an account, you can use it to join this challenge. If not, set one up with your email address—it's free and easy.
  2. Read and log your hours on the Beanstack app to earn virtual badges.
  3. Enjoy the journey! If you need any assistance, let a library staff member know. We are here to help.

Reading and Activity Badges

During the summer reading program, you'll have the chance to win awesome prizes! Use the Beanstack app to unlock badges, log your reading times, and earn virtual tickets effortlessly.

Badges: For each badge you earn, you'll be awarded virtual tickets that you can use to enter prize drawings. 

Reading Badges: You earn badges based on the time you spend reading. To complete the program, you need to read for 18 hours (1,080 minutes) and earn a total of 18 badges.

Bonus Reading Badges: Want to read more? We offer an additional 18 bonus hours, allowing you to earn even more virtual tickets!

Activity Badges: We also have an assortment of summer activity badges that can help you earn extra tickets.

Virtual Tickets

  • After you earn tickets, you can assign them to prize drawings that take place at the end of the summer.
  • Even if you only unlock a handful of tickets, you still have a chance to win big. Increase your odds of winning by reading more!
  • The last day to earn and enter tickets for a drawing is Friday, August 2nd.


  • Registration Prize: Once registered, visit the Adult Services desk to claim your prize—while supplies last.
  • Completions Prize: After completing 18 hours (1080 minutes) of reading, you will have finished the summer reading program. Visit the Adult Services desk to collect your prize—while supplies last.

Summer Reading Halfway Prize: Anyone who reads for 9 hours (540 minutes) by June 30th will automatically be entered into a drawing for these three prizes:

  • Pickleball Set
  • Snack Box
  • Game Pack

There are six main prizes this year. You can spread your tickets out amongst multiple options, or put all your eggs in one basket trying to win the one you want the most. The choice is yours!  

  1. Coffee Lovers Prize Pack: If you can't start your day without coffee, this prize is for you. Enjoy a selection of coffee (of course) and other delightful items that every java enthusiast will love!  1 winner
  2. Help Your Community: Win a chance to select your favorite charity or non-profit, and the library will graciously make a $100 donation to support that cause in your name. 1 winner
  3. Lego Prize Pack: Adults love to play with LEGOs too! This prize pack includes a Tiny Plants LEGO set, a LEGO botanicals book and puzzle, plus a few LEGO surprises!  1 winner
  4. Movie Prize Pack: Win a $100 gift card to O'Fallon's Marcus Theatre and treat yourself to a summer blockbuster—be sure to visit the concession stand for some snacks! Enjoy a fantastic movie experience on us!  1 winner
  5. Personal Library Prize Pack: Books! What's better than free books? Nothing! We're offering a $100 shopping spree for books, where the winner will receive each book beautifully covered library-style. Plus, this prize pack includes a personalized stamp to mark their home collection.  1 winner
  6. St. Louis Aquarium Tickets: Win 4 tickets to the St. Louis Aquarium! Dive into an unforgettable adventure as you explore incredible marine life with your friends or family. 1 winner

That's it! Enjoy the Adult Summer Reading Program. We're delighted to have you participating!