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Teen SRP
What is this?

Our theme this summer, "Read, Renew, Repeat" summarizes the purpose of library summer reading—it is a cycle of exploration, rejuvenation, and endless possibility. Preregistration starts on May 13th.

During the summer, record the minutes you spend reading and unlock badges and prizes along the way. 

This is your journey, you decide where your reading will take you!

During this challenge you'll earn chances to win awesome prizes! It's easy to use the Beanstack app to unlock badges, log your reading times, and earn virtual tickets.

Tell me more about these badges
  • You get badges for minutes spent reading. To complete the program you need to read for 1200 minutes and you will earn 16 badges.
  • Each badge you earn awards you virtual tickets.
  • You can also read more than 1200 minutes to earn tickets, read from different genres to earn tickets, and participate in summer programs to earn tickets.
Tickets, you say?
  • Yes. After you earn tickets, you can then assign those tickets to prize drawings that happen at the end of the summer.
  • Even if you only unlock a handful of tickets, you still have a chance to win big.  Up your odds of winning by reading more! 
  • The last day to earn and enter tickets for a drawing is Friday, August 2.

What are the prizes?

When you first register you can pick up a water bottle carrier full of drink mixes and more information about Summer reading. Read for 600 minutes (halfway) and earn a hand crank flashlight and a chance to win a voucher for tickets to a Cardinals game. Finish the challenge and pick up a cross body bag filled with treats.

There are six grand prizes this year.  You can spread your tickets out amongst multiple options, or put all your eggs in one basket trying to win the one you want the most.  The choice is yours!  

  1. Grand Prize: Anime - Enjoy the best of anime. If you win this prize you will get a Totoro plush and a $25 gift certificate to Hot Topic. 2 winners.
  2. Grand Prize: Creator Case - Create something new! If you win this prize you will get a bag of drawing supplies and a $50 gift certificate to Michaels craft store. 2 winners
  3. Grand Prize: Eat Out - Try some new foods! If you win this prize you will get a $20 gift certificate to 5 local restaurants. $100 total value. 1 winner
  4. Grand Prize: Showtime! - Discover something new at the movies or do some entertaining at home. If you win this drawing, you'll get a mini Grogu speaker to listen to music. You will also get a $50 gift card to Marcus Theatres good for tickets, food, and drinks. 2 winners.
  5. Grand Prize: Drink More Water - Renew yourself by committing to drink more water with this Stanley 40oz quencher. A variety of drink mixes will be included. 2 winners.
  6. Grand Prize: More Books! - What would a reading challenge be without books as a prize? Win a $25 Barnes & Noble gift certificate plus a Harry Potter themed bag full of book related merch. 2 winners.
I'm in, what do I need to do?

Download the Beanstack app on your phone to get started.  If you already have an account, you can use it to join this challenge.  If not, set one up with your email address.  It's free and easy.  

There are no set reading lists.  You have total freedom to pick the books you want to read. Just record the titles and track how long you read.  Simple as that. 

If you get stuck on anything, let a library staff person know.  We are here to help.

That's of luck!

Teen Volunteers

We are looking for 12 (and going into 8th grade)-18 year olds to help us with our reading program from May 13—August 2. Here are some of the activities you may participate in:

  • Physically preparing the meeting room for a program, i.e. setting up tables, chairs, toting supplies
  • Helping prepare for craft days (cutting or preparing craft supplies)
  • Helping during morning, afternoon or evening programs (usually 1-2 hours long)
  • Decorating or displaying summer reading items

Reasons to Volunteer at the library:

  • Sometimes includes food
  • More fun than lots of things (like mowing the lawn or poison ivy)
  • Parents like you to do it
  • Looks good on a job application, resume, or college application

Each volunteer will need to fill out a Youth Volunteer Form and ask someone who is NOT a family member to fill out a Reference Form. You can find those in the information packet HERE. Packets are also available at the Youth Services desk.

On May 7th at 6:00 we will have a short meeting to turn in paperwork (Youth volunteer form and 1 reference), hand out schedule of events, and meet each other. If you don't have the reference done by then, come anyway! Please register HERE so we know how many to expect.

After the meeting, if you are available, we will have our first volunteer project filling registration bags until 7:30PM.

Any Questions? Contact Youth Services

ph: 618-632-3783

email: [email protected]

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